Updated House pictures

Here are a bunch of new pictures from around the house. So progress is slowing being made.

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Kitchen is up and running – August 2013

After a few months of not having a proper kitchen to cook in, the new kitchen is now up and running. We only have a few small projects left to do in the kitchen and they include:

  • Painting all the trim.
  • Replacing a 3-way light switch.
  • Adding back a piece of baseboard by the refrigerator.

I did end up having to run a new gas line to the range, since there was only a 220 volt plug behind the old electric range, and boy was it disgusting underneath the old range. Just take a look below. Continue reading »

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Inside and outside the house – July 2013

It’s been too long since our last posts of the house. So here are a bunch of pictures from inside and outside the house. So you can get idea of our progress so far. Keep in mind, these photo’s were taken around the end of July.

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Refinishing the floors

So as I mentioned in one of my prior posts. The floors in the main room of the new house are kind of messed up. Since once upon a time, it seemed like the main room was actually two separate rooms. Because when you look at the floor, it still has a brass plate on the floor, from where either pocket doors or french doors would have been latched to the floor.

But needless to say, our first go at refinishing the floors didn’t turn out so well. Since what we ended up doing was applying a furniture stripper to the floor, to remove all the over spray that was on the floor. But then when we applied polyurethane to the floor, we ended up having uneven coverage on the floor, so now the floors look kind of blotchy. So over the winter, we’ll have to rent a floor sander for the weekend and give the floors a heavy sanding to fix our prior mistakes. I guess live and learn.

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The house work in progress

So a couple of weeks have passed and I think that we’ve made some good progress on the house.

On the outside of the house, we did some re-landscaping in the front yard. And we ended up using my truck to rip out the small yew shrubs that were in the front of the porch. And for some strange reason, the prior owners had put down landscaping fabric in all the planter beds. But instead of cutting holes in the landscaping fabric for all the plants, instead they plants all the hostas’ and other flowers on top of the landscaping fabric. So because of this bizarre planting technique, all these plants had a really shallow root systems, and were on the verge of wilting.

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First days in the new house

Looks like the third time is a charm. Because we were final able to close on a house last Friday. It’s a little bit on the dirty side right now. But over the next few weeks, we should have it all cleaned up, and move in ready by mid-July.

Below are a couple of pictures from the inside and outside of the house. So you can get an idea, of the task ahead of us.

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Renegade garden

As Monika mentioned in her “No place for our plants” post. Getting in time to garden at my house has been a time luxury that neither of us have right now. But that isn’t to say that nature hasn’t decided that it’s going to keep on going in our absence. Case in point from the pictures below. My hops plants are alive (unruly) and growing away, as is the rhubarb, salad greens and green onions. And it even looks like I have two corn plants in my compost pile.

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Tulip Time in Des Moines

Talk about some crazy weather! Back in early May, the week started in the mid-70′s and by mid-week it was snowing and in the mid-30′s! Talk about a wild way to start spring!

Here are a couple of pics of the flowers in the front yard, before and after the snow storm in early May.

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No place for our plants

With the absence of a yard that we’ll be able to tend to, we have not been able to start or maintain a garden this year. Rene still has a large patch, but since we won’t be there all summer he hasn’t planted anything this season. We’re hoping for a large crop next season, and maybe some late summer/early fall plants at the new house.

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Well turns out no demo!

We have had two different houses fall through, since we started the process of looking for a home for Rene and I to live in. But (fingers crossed) the third time’s a charm!
The house that we will be theoretically moving into will need some cleaning and cosmetic work–but not any big structural projects.

It’s located in a lovely neighborhood, nestled right next to a small park.

Exciting, and it will be even more exciting when we get to take ownership!


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